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Who We Are

All Seeds Store Com is a professional and well established Mediterranean and European Seeds Shop and Garden Center. For more than 30 years, we have been selling to both professional garden and agriculture companies and first time farmers and amateur gardeners. We have now large experience in distribute these agriculture and garden products worldwide and we have thousand of clients in all over the world. Like them we hope you can become a happy and returning customer.


We are a Legal Registered and Certified European Company and Trademark

(Please verify all company registry information at the end of this text)


Our Seeds are Certified

We only provide carefully selected and certified seeds and plant bulbs. The high quality of our seeds is frequently verified and tested in a laboratory.

(Please verify all norms and certifications at the end of this text)


Fairest Prices

As an experienced retailer and supplier we deliver maximum quality products to other companies and also to thousands private costumers at very affordable prices you can easily compare and verify.


Mediterranean Seeds

Our seeds are produced in Mediterranean and we aim to bring to you the remarkable quality plants of the old Mediterranean Regions.

Now you can have the healthiest ingredients and most traditionally products from South Europe and Mediterranean.


Conditions of Use

All Seeds Store Com invites you to visit and welcomes you to its website that is subject to the following terms and conditions of use.

By visit it, open a client account, shopping or using this website, and all its areas, in any other way, you are accepting the below terms and conditions of use, Privacy Policy, and any other terms and conditions on other particular areas of

Be sure you previously read them and take full knowledge of its content.

Any question you have contact us please to

These terms and conditions may differ or also apply to other JARDINTEC ® and GGM ® websites and partners.


Any reference to “” or “All Seeds Store Com” refers to, a registered internet domain, property of JARDINTEC ® Lda. and GGM ® which also manage several other registered Seeds Stores and Garden Centers protected trademarks.

Written mentions and hyperlinks to, to its contents, or to its products and services are permitted as long they do not portray or any of its contents, products and services in a misinform, misleading, false or offensive way.


Any use of its trademarks and every website contents are subject to previous written permission. You have limited license to access this website and its contents, excluding non personal use or any download. Data gathering, manual or automatically, by robots, spiders, etc. is prohibited. Any abuse, false identities in account creation, false orders or any other fraudulent activities are prohibited. IP Addresses may be recorded when using this website. reserves the right to, at any time, develop and apply any changes to any area of this website, conditions of use and privacy policy or any other terms and conditions. So we advise you to read and review the then existing conditions and terms each time you visit and/or use website. Also you should only use or visit this website if you agree and accept the terms and conditions of use.



Please visit Privacy Protection Policy Area


Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

By using you agree to use it at your own risk. Neither this website, its owners, partners, suppliers or affiliates can be responsible for the way you use this website, operation ability or can warrant error-free use or uninterrupted service. This website is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis., its owners, associates, suppliers or affiliates cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity or completeness of the content and product descriptions provided. Neither the availability, accuracy, integrity or completeness of products or services offered for sale. All Seeds Store Com, its owners, partners or affiliates specifically disclaim all warranties. If applicable, all warranties are provided by that particular product supplier, editor or manufacturer.



All content is property of JARDINTEC ® Lda., GGM ® or its content suppliers and are protected by International Copyright Laws. Copyright © Registration number AWD6-ZKXU-XSL7-QKA7, All Seeds Store®.



Trademarks are property of their respective owners.


Product Display Characteristics

Even though develops its best efforts to show pictures and images that best reflect product characteristics, we cannot guarantee that the characteristics displayed on images are accurately the same as the product. For example, colors may be different depending on the monitor you use to see an image of a particular product.


Prices and TAX FREE Prices

Products are TAX FREE for buyers outside Europe. For European buyers taxes apply at legal rate and all prices are displayed with respective Tax Rate included. reserves the right not to sell to professionals, other stores or resellers.

All Seeds Store Com can change product prices and availability without notice. If any price or description are inaccurate or if any other error is detected we will immediately correct it. If an error is detected on an already confirmed order, that same order can be canceled and payments returned to you.


Payment methods

You can pay any order, service or request with MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover®, American Express®, JCB®, Switch®, Solo®, GiroPay® and Express Checkout® Cards and payment methods. We use PayPal highly secure and trustworthy payment platform. Depending on your country, other local payment methods may also be accepted.


Fair Shipping Costs

We will deliver all your orders at absolutely fair shipping costs as we will not charge a predetermined price for each order.

Each order will have exclusive shipping costs according to weight and delivery country and address.

For all our garden products shipping costs will be carefully calculated depending on your deliver address and on those products specific weight.

All delivery costs are always calculated according to specific product weight plus package weight. We will not have fixed shipping fees.


Confirming Your Order and Order Number

To confirm your order at you must follow 3 simple steps:

Add your products to your shopping cart

Choose your shipping method

Choose your payment method

After these steps, you will be able to confirm your order and after you will receive an email from us with your order number. Make sure your e-mail address is correct and that your system is not blocking our emails. The fact our systems sends an order number does not imply that we accept your order.

If any error is detected with your order we will contact you. We reserve the right to cancel at any time any order.

After you successfully confirm your order you will receive an order number by e-mail. Please always refer to that order number in your e-mails to us or in your payment comments, for example.


Return Policy

Please read shipping and returns policy.



We believe that products will earn your complete satisfaction. So we offer you 90 days to tranquilly verify and examine your products. If you are not fully satisfied we will return your money or replace your order. Note that we will only return the value of the products you order not respective shipping costs.


Order Limitations

We can limit the number of products or services to any order at any time. In addition, we cannot guarantee that all products stock is constant. At any time, any product or service can stop being available. In that case we will mention it on product description or we will contact you by e-mail.


We reserve the right to limit the quantities of personal services per client. If you wish to work with us selling our products you can contact us at  


Receiving your Orders

We will immediately ship your order after payment confirmation and if products are available. You will receive an email as soon as your order was send. Delivery time may vary according to your country and availability (planting season) of products.

Only if you selected a registered shipping option we can provide a tracking number.

Please read Shipping and Returns policy to know more.


Termination of Use

Maintaining your account is subject to the above conditions. By visit you agree with this conditions and terms of use. We can limit or close your access to this site at any time. You, as a user, are responsible for all orders you confirm and eventual charges that can be due for any cancelation of orders or termination of your account. can change, add or cancel any aspects and information in website.



Products will immediately leave our warehouse if available or, if not available, in respective planting seasons. Please verify the planting seasons before you order.

We deliver products that are seasonal garden products and thus can only be available at respective planting times. will always deliver your orders if products are available at time of the order or immediately after they become available.

All products are available in limited quantities and throughout planting or sowing season, if unavailable it will be sent in respective planting or sowing season. Note that we consider planting season the season on which the respective suppliers distribute their products.

All contacts about an order must be done exclusively by email with the order number. We will always consider that each costumer is aware of this terms and conditions. If no answer is possible we and our customer must consider this terms and conditions.



All orders are shipped with respective legal Invoice


VAT identification number, CAE, Legal Address and Trade Mark Verification

This Company is a Registered European Company and a Registered Trademark


VAT – PT 503801089 - JARDINTEC, Lda. -> VERIFY



Economical Activity Code - PT CAE 47910 -> VERIFY


Registration Number – PT CRC Pombal 1818


Trademark – PT 454424 - JARDINTEC ® -> VERIFY



Our Seeds and Bulbs have Certified Quality

We only provide carefully selected and certified seeds and plant bulbs. The high quality of our seeds is frequently verified and tested in a laboratory.

Norms and certifications are printed in respective packages.

Please verify below some of our seeds and bulbs norms and certifications:


Biological and Organic Control and Certification (In Organic Farming Seeds)



IT CPB 4877 T050003 - AUT: D.M. MIPAAF Nº 26023

IT CPB 4877 T050015 – AUT. D.M. MRAAF N. 9697169 18.12.1996 REG. CEE 2092/91


Other Norms, Standards and Certifications:



CE – GERM. 80% - PUR. 97%




STANDAARD ZADEN E.E.G. system Reg Nº 13322






Reglas y Normas – C.E. SEMILLAS STANDARD

PROD. ES-16-01-0024



Regras e Normas C.E. – Standard

M.A.D.R.P. D.G.P.C. LIC N.º 1615

M.A.D.R.P. D.G.P.C. LIC N.º 2111

M.A.D.R.P. D.G.P.C. LIC N.º AC 10 H

M.A.D.R.P. D.G.P.C. LIC N.º AC 0458


Certified BULBS

All plant bulbs are cultivated from selected plant bulb crops.

UE – Quality –   Caliber 1


M.A.D.R.P. – D.G.A.D.R. LIC. 1615 PT



Were we are

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Our Address

Mailing Address:


All Seeds Store Com


Rua da Bela Vista, 24

3105 223 MEIRINHAS





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