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    Hard Foot (para 25 m2)

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    Embalagem de 1 kg de Hard Foot (para 25 m2).

    60% Festuca arudinacea

    40% Lolium perene

    1 - Plough the ground to a 20/30 centimetres depth.
    Fertilize thoroughly.
    Break up soil on surface.
    Use roller and smooth the soil

    2 - Autumn or Spring are the best sowing periods.
    Mix the seeds to obtain a uniform lot.
    Sow superficially and rake the soil to cover the seeds.
    Sprinkle to keep soil moisture until emergence.

    3 - First mowing must be done when turf is 10/12 centimetres high.
    According the climate sprinkle regularly. Fertilize one or two times a year.
    Spray preventives chemicals to avoid fungus diseases.
    According lawn conditions aerate and scarify before raining season.