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    Orange Light Pot with light 60 Pot

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    Orange Light Pot with light 60 Bloom Pot
    with light
    Bloom Pot 60
    BLOOM! Pot 60 the original!
    Nominated for the “DUTCH DESIGN AWARDS”

    BLOOM! 60 Orange Pot

    Height: 60cm, Diameter : 66cm
    Material: Polyethylene
    Drainage. 220-240V 50/60 Hz 2*
    11 watt energy saving light bulbs [included]. Suitable for outdoor use. IP44 CE certified. Easy access for changing light bulbs.
    Colours : natural white, red, lime-green, orange, pink, purple, grey and taupe.


    BLOOM! Pot is characterized by a simple but classy design and versatility: a BLOOM! flowerpot doubling as a light!

    Deep enough to hold large plants and flower groupings, the lightweight-resistant pot can also be used indoors as portable accent lighting in lobbies and restaurants.
    When lit, only the color of the pot and light are visible, not potting material.

    Its cleverly designed dimensions make BLOOM suitable not only for trees, shrubs and flowers and plants indoors as well as outdoors. But also for use at (garden)-parties, summer parties, pool parties.

    In your parties filled with ice to chill champagne or other mixed drink, for example. Of course BLOOM! pot is also a perfect holder for your Christmas tree.

    BLOOM! 60 Orange Pot

    BLOOM! pot is available in four different sizes : 40, 60, 90 and 100 cm. BLOOM pot has been designed with an unscrewable cap for easy access to the lighting.


    Each pot (except for BLOOM! pot 40) has a port in the bottom. This port is also the drain for the flowerpot which enables water to bypass the electrical.


    All BLOOM products are officially CE certified by KEMA for in- and outdoor use so perfectly safe


    BLOOM! is the inspiration of the Dutch designer, Rob Slewe, who aims to apply a new perspective to everyday objects.


    The creator of BLOOM! the illuminated flowerpot, merged his desire for unique landscape lighting with the need for a generous-sized, lightweight container for plant material.


    BLOOM! the illuminated flowerpot was designed in 2001 and after a long and extensive process of approvals it was launched at the beginning of 2003.


    BLOOM! the original is now available in 4 sizes (40,60,90 and 100 cm).


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