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Last Updated: 10-30-2012


We work hard to deserve your trust and to deliver the best quality seeds, bulbs, plants and garden products at fair prices. We will do our best to provide you the best possible buying experience in All Seeds Store and to offer you outstanding Shipping and Returning Conditions. In we offer you:


FAIR SHIPPING COSTS for all our products.




Choose among SEVERAL SHIPPING OPTIONS and among several shipping companies


IMMEDIATE DELIVERY for all available products or deliver as soon as they are in season.


EXCLUSIVE SHIPPING COSTS CALCULATING SYSTEM. Every product will have its weight measured on  All Shipping fees you pay are always based on respective product and package weight. Exclusive shipping calculating system which can offer you the fairest shipping fees.


We DELIVER WORLDWIDE in a neat, secure package.


All orders sent with respective legal INVOICE


90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ! So you can tranquilly verify our products quality.




Fair Shipping Costs

We will deliver all your orders at absolutely fair shipping costs as we will not charge a predetermined price for each order.

Each order will have exclusive shipping costs according to weight and delivery country and address.

For all our garden products shipping costs will be carefully calculated depending on your deliver address and on those products specific weight.


No Fixed Shipping Fees or other Hidden Fees

All Seeds Store Com will never have fixed shipping fees or fixed delivery costs. We will always estimate shipping fees according to the product weight and respective destiny. You can choose between several shipping costs options before confirming your order.


Choose Among Several Shipping Options


We can offer you several Shipping Options as we work with several shipping companies. Please note that these options can be limited in your country.

All orders are delivered according to your shipping option.

You can select to register your shipping and have or not a tracking number. Please note that all orders are sent at your own risk.

We will only provide a tracking number if you select an Insured Registered option.


Immediate Delivery

Products will immediately leave our warehouse if available or, if not available, in respective planting seasons. Please verify the planting seasons before you order.

We deliver products that are seasonal garden products and thus can only be available at respective planting times. will always deliver your orders if products are available at time of the order or immediately after they become available.

All products are available in limited quantities and throughout planting or sowing season, if unavailable it will be sent in respective planting or sowing season. Note that we consider planting season the season on which the respective suppliers distribute their products.


Shipping Costs –Exclusive Shipping Costs Calculating System

Every item shipping cost is calculated solely based on its respective weight and volume.

All delivery costs are always calculated according to product specific weight plus package weight.

We will not have fixed shipping fees.


Worldwide Delivery

All products can be sent to every country. However in some countries or states local quarantine policies and restrictions may apply. Please inform yourself in your local authorities before placing your order. We sent all orders in a neat secure package. All orders are sent at your own risk.


Receiving your Orders

We will immediately ship your order after payment confirmation and if products are available. You will receive an email as soon as your order was send. Delivery time may vary according to your country and availability (planting season) of products.

Only if you selected a registered shipping option we can provide a tracking number.


Return Policy



We believe that products will earn your complete satisfaction. So we offer you 90 days to tranquilly verify and examine your products. If you are not fully satisfied we will return your money or replace your order. Note that we will only return the value of the products you order not respective shipping costs.



Contact us immediately if any product was damaged in shipping. You must also formalize a complain immediately to the respective delivery person or company as soon as you verify a damage package. For returning your order, please send us an email with your order number to




All orders shipped with respective legal Invoice


VAT identification number, CAE, Legal Address and Trade Mark Verification

This Company is a Registered European Company and a Registered Trademark


VAT – PT 503801089 - JARDINTEC, Lda. -> VERIFY



Economical Activity Code - PT CAE 47910 -> VERIFY


Registration Number – PT CRC Pombal 1818


Trademark – PT 454424 - JARDINTEC ® -> VERIFY




Our Address

Mailing Address:


All Seeds Store Com


Rua da Bela Vista, 24

3105 223 MEIRINHAS





Copyright © All Seeds Store®, Registration number © HYZD-KBLA-KG4H-LZAU, All Rights Reserved.